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Top Reasons to Choose Us For Your Residential Locksmith Services in Elizabeth NJ :

Helping You By Removing Broken Keys

Think about the last time you broke a key – most people don’t realize that, as time goes on, these can break and fall apart. The worst time for this to happen, of course, is when the key is in the door. What are you supposed to do? Do you have to remove the whole lock? Not with the technologies that we at Magnus sentry Lock use in order to remove broken keys from locks without doing any damage to your locks. Give us a call and we’ll get someone out to you as soon as possible.

Remove Broken Keys with your Elizabeth Residential Locksmith

The process of New Locks Installation

If you are ready to have new locks installation services provided for you then Magnus sentry Lock your Locksmith in Elizabeth NJ can help you find the right locks for your home or business. We can install them fast and show you how to properly use them. A technician may have to drill a hole in the locking plate in order to create a matching jamb. Regardless of the process that is used, our team of experts and technicians are qualified to take on the job. If you have metal security doors, we can handle that job too.

New Locks Installation with your Elizabeth Residential Locksmith

Need new Patio Door Locks installed?

In order to provide more security for you and your family you may need to have new patio door locks installed. Our talented locksmith technicians at Magnus sentry Lock can replace the locks on your patio doors and also help prevent potential break-ins. You may want to replace your locks if you have just moved into your home and the previous owners didn’t have them changed. Our professional Elizabeth Locksmith technicians have the ability to change the locks fast get you back to enjoying your patio.

Patio Door Locks install with your Elizabeth Residential Locksmith

How do you get Locks Re-keyed?

The process of having your locks re-keyed is not a very involved process. There are multiple ways you can go about this. If you need an entire set then you can have an expert locksmith from Magnus sentry Lock can create new keys and cylinders. The interior cylinders are replaced inside the locks. If you are not having all of them re-keyed a professional technician can come out and give you a new cylinder and key for the locks you are replacing. Either way, it is a fairly easy process. Our team of experts can make it even easier.

Locks Re-keyed with your Elizabeth Residential Locksmith
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