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Magnus Sentry Lock has been the leader in providing locksmith services in Elizabeth, NJ for over a decade. And, we have been Making Keys for our local community. We offer a full range of lock & key services and with our fully loaded vans ready to adhere to the strictest 20-minute response time, it is no wonder customers speak so highly about our dependable services. We enlist the help of only the most honest, reliable, and highly capable locksmith Elizabeth NJ technicians. These trained professionals aren’t just ready to fix your problems and get you back to your normal day as soon as possible but will make sure you feel part of the family in the process.

What Services Do We Offer at Locksmith Elizabeth NJ?

Magnus Sentry Lock is the leading provider of auto, residential and commercial locksmith service in Elizabeth, NJ. We care about our customers and know it can be a huge hassle – not to mention excessively aggravating and time consuming – to forget your keys in your home, car, or business. While the other guys close shop after regular nine to five business hours, our expert locksmith Elizabeth, NJ team of professional service men are available for fast 24-hour emergency services, so you don’t end up stranded after hours. If you need a car locksmith at three in the morning, just give us a call. We’re always ready to assist!

Magnus Sentry Lock Residential Locksmith

Auto Locksmith Elizabeth, NJ - Fast Unlocking!

Did you break or lose your transponder key? Did you accidentally lock your vehicle’s ignition key inside the car and don’t have a spare on hand? Do you need replacement car keys fast, so you can get back to the daily grind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need reliable auto Elizabeth locksmith services, and we are more than happy to help! Our car locksmith Elizabeth, NJ company is the leading local expert at handling vehicle lockouts. Our team make sure our services are always carried out in a quick, efficient manner that doesn’t leave you waiting around for what feels like forever.

Magnus Sentry Lock - Auto Locksmith

Residential Locksmith at your Doorstep

We’re the number one residential locksmith company when you need to re-key locks or have residential door locks fixed or replaced. you can count on our team. We offer quality locksmith residential services in the Elizabeth area that will have you back inside your home quickly. A home lockout is never fun, but our professional residential locksmith will make it a little easier.

Magnus Sentry Lock Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith on Speed Dial

When only the best commercial locksmith will do as one of the best in the business, our locksmith Elizabeth company can handle all your business’ commercial locksmith needs. We can change commercial door locks or install a top-notch security lock. Commercial lockouts also fall under our area of expertise, and we’ll make sure you have access to your business swiftly with our very own top-notch commercial locksmiths.

Magnus Sentry Lock Commercial Locksmith

24 Hours Locksmith Elizabeth, NJ - Amazingly Quick

Get reliable 24-hour locksmith Elizabeth, NJ services here. Sometimes unexpected things happen, and these incidents don’t always occur during normal business hours. In fact, they seem to almost always happen at inconvenient times. Our 24-hour emergency company offers valued customers 24-hour emergency lockout service throughout the area. We know you need prompt service during an emergency lockout situation, and our team of highly trained technicians are always ready to help. No matter what time of day or night you find yourself needing an emergency car locksmith Elizabeth specialist or are locked out of the house, you can give us a call and we’ll send someone out to help post haste.

Magnus Sentry Lock Emergency Elizabeth Locksmith

Posts By Magnus Sentry Lock

Auto Locksmith – Get Excellent Key Replacements

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You need an auto locksmith. That is for sure. There is no way for you to make a key replacement by yourself. But don't stress about it because we have the best auto locksmith professionals in our team. That would be Magnus Sentry Lock. We work all over Elizabeth, NJ. So if you want help from our auto locksmith professionals to get an excellent key replacement, please let us know. We are here to give you a hand the moment that you need it. Do not hesitate to call us during the weekend too.

Transponder Key – Experienced Programmers

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You know that your transponder key is not working anymore. So you need to program your transponder key. But who can help you with the job? Well, the answer is simple. You need to call our Magnus Sentry Lock team. Wherever you are in Elizabeth, NJ, we are going to get to you. We are going to program your transponder key in no time. You can keep driving as much as you want. So do not keep hesitating on what team to call. That’s because you know that you need to give us a phone call.

Replacement Car Keys – Proficient Services

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You'll want replacement car keys services. That is certain. You will not be able to make replacement car keys on your own. But don't be concerned because we have some of the greatest locksmiths on our staff. Magnus Sentry Lock, to be precise. We have clients all across Elizabeth, NJ. Please let us know if you require assistance from our locksmith pros in order to obtain high-quality replacement car keys. We are here to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. Also, please don't doubt to contact our proficient staff on weekends as well.

Ignition Key – Find Our Help

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Recently, you realized that your ignition key is not working correctly. That alone can be incredibly frustrating. But it is even more frustrating to find a team that can give you and your programs an ignition key. You need both jobs. Well, that’s why you should call our Magnus Sentry Lock crew. That’s because we can provide you with a new ignition key and program it for you as well. As long as you are within the Elizabeth, NJ city limits, we will be able to help you. So call us right this very instant!

Residential Locksmith – Emergency Services

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You can't seem to find the keys to your home. So you need a residential locksmith to come up with a solution for you. Now you need replacements for those lost keys. Well, don't worry. That's because our Magnus Sentry Lock residential locksmith crew is impressive. We not only work all over Elizabeth, NJ, but we also work 24/7. So whenever you need help from a residential locksmith, you can call our crew. We are going to send the best experts to your location. So you can get those replacements that you need in no time.

Locksmith Residential – Assistance For Homeowners

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Your house keys are nowhere to be located. As a result, you'll need a locksmith residential expert to help you find a solution. You now require replacement keys for the ones you've misplaced. Don't be concerned because the Magnus Sentry Lock locksmith residential team is incredible. Not only do we work all across Elizabeth, NJ, but we also operate around the clock. So, whenever you require the services of an expert, you can contact our team. We will dispatch the best locksmith residential expert to your place. Then, you'll get all the replacements you require.

Home Lockout – Fast Solutions

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A home lockout situation can happen to anyone. No matter how careful they are because anyone can lose their keys. But if you are in front of a home lockout situation, you can be sure of one thing. Our Magnus Sentry Lock squad can solve that home lockout situation for you. Our experts work really fast. Hence, you won't be stuck on the wrong side of the door for too long. Not if you call us. So, go ahead and do that! We are available for you to call us within Elizabeth, NJ, at any moment.

Door Locks – Our Professionals Change Them For You

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If you are moving into a new residence, the safest option may be to change your door locks. You don't want the previous owners to walk into your house, do you? Of course not. So be sure to change those door locks. In order to do that, you can call our Elizabeth, NJ team at Magnus Sentry Lock. We work all hours of the day and night. Therefore, it doesn't matter when you prefer for us to work on your door locks; simply let us know. We are always here for you.

Commercial Locksmith – Keep Your Business Safe

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You need to keep your business safe. So getting a commercial locksmith to change your door locks is what you need. You don't want previous owners of the space to walk into your store. To keep your business safe, you can call our commercial locksmith experts. Here at Magnus Sentry Lock, we work hard to keep everyone safe. As long as your business is within the Elizabeth, NJ area, we can help you. We will send one of our commercial locksmith experts as soon as you call us. Go ahead and call us today!

Commercial Lockouts – Quick Assistance

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You sincerely hate commercial lockouts, and that’s because commercial lockouts make you unavailable to the public. It is terrible for your business. You need to solve any commercial lookouts as soon as possible. Lucky for you, our Magnus Sentry Lock squad is here. That means that you can call for help anytime you need it. The only thing we need is for your store to be within Elizabeth, NJ. Our excellent and experienced professionals will work very quickly to come up with a solution for you. That way, you can open your store back up ASAP.

Home Lockout Elizabeth NJ - We Give You Quality Always!

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One of the problems people get annoyed with is when you suddenly get locked out of your home due to misplacement. You start looking for how to get them opened by making use of specialists who are dedicated. Home Lockout Elizabeth NJ services give the best quality you can ever think of. Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NJ helps you get your home lockout issues solved asap with the best materials available. When you are faced with home lockout Elizabeth NJ problems, make sure to call our numbers. We will serve you better.

Door Locks Elizabeth NJ - Experts With A Difference!

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Door locks should always be maintained or installed properly by experts from a recognized company like ours. Door locks Elizabeth NJ services offer a wide range of solutions, especially when it comes to locks. Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NJ is known for employing experts who are willing and ready to make your door locks beautiful. The moment you need door locks Elizabeth NJ services, we are just a call away. Our services are affordable, so you don't have to worry about the expenses. Get in touch with us today and you won't regret it.

Security Lock Elizabeth NJ - Top-rated Lock You Can Trust

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Looking for a company that offers top-notch services, especially for commercial locks or security locks? We at Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NJ have got you covered. Security lock Elizabeth NJ problems are quickly sorted out by our professionals when you call us. We also offer installation services aside from repairs of security locks. Without adequate maintenance of security locks, your commercial buildings are at stake. Make sure to contact our security lock Elizabeth NJ services as soon as possible. We promise to give you quality at a reasonable price every time. Contact us via our phone lines today.

Auto Key Locksmith: The Best Is Here To Stay!

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Are you in search of quality locksmith services in Elizabeth, NJ? You have come to the right place. Auto key locksmith services should be gotten from a reputable company because when not properly taken care of, it is frustrating. Don't take auto key locksmith issues with levity. Make sure to get the right company like ours for long-lasting services. Magnus Sentry Lock has a team of dedicated technicians that are ready to get your keys restored immediately. Whenever you misplace your keys, make sure to call us as soon as possible. We await your call.

Remote Car Key: Only The Best Brands Are Used!

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The moment you discover the need to use quality materials and tools for your key, the better for you. Making use of the best brand for your remote car key helps it last longer. That is the reason customers patronize our service. Looking for a company that offers quality for your money? The Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NY is the best. We offer remote car key repairs, installation, and replacement. Making use of the best brands goes a long way in getting quality services. Call us now for amazing benefits.

Car Lockout: 24 Hours of Service Available Here!

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Have you ever witnessed being locked out of your car since your keys were stolen or locked inside your car? You will agree that it can be so annoying. But the most important thing is that our car lockout services are available for you at all times. When you experience a car lockout problem, Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NY is ever ready to come to your aid. All you need to do is call our customer care service and we will get back to you asap. Also, we offer 24-hour service too.

Car Lockout Service: Reliable And Dependable

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Most individuals prefer to make use of a company that is reliable and can offer a quality service that lasts a long time. Imagine you got a car lockout service that didn't last. You wouldn't go back to the same company. The reason is obvious. You deserve a better car lockout service that can be relied upon. You can get that from Magnus Sentry Lock located in Elizabeth, NY today. We are dedicated to serving you better every day. The best car lockout service you can ever get is available here. Give us a call right now!

Transponder Key Programming - We Are Accountable To You

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Keys exist in different forms and shapes. No matter the kind of key you need for your automobile, home, or commercial building, we are here to help. We also offer transponder key programming services in Elizabeth, NY. In addition, if you ever encounter transponder key programming problems, you should contact Magnus Sentry Lock today. They specialize in all types of automobiles that make use of these keys. Make sure you patronize us for transponder key programming today. Our services are always affordable but of high quality. Get in touch with us today.

Transponder Key Replacement: We Give Quality Service!

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We understand that customers need quality and better service for all their locksmith problems. As a result, Magnus Sentry Lock in Elizabeth, NJ offers good transponder key replacement service. They make use of professionals that possess the required skills for transponder key replacement services. Are you tired of getting poor service? If yes, then you should try our company because we are always on point. Our customers have a lot of feedback about how amazing our services are. Do not hesitate to contact us if the need arises. We are just a call away.

Transponder Key Repair: Dedicated Technicians Are Available Here!

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Are you searching for an efficient locksmith company in Elizabeth, NJ? You shouldn't worry anymore. Magnus Sentry Lock is a company that offers transponder key repair for all types of automobiles. We have been tested and trusted over the years for quality service. One of the reasons is the efforts of our dedicated staff to satisfy customers. In addition to that, we are always on alert whenever you call, whether during work hours or after work hours. If you need transponder key replacement service, just call our number immediately. We will answer as soon as possible.
Our Elizabeth Locksmith Customers Saying

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”5+ stars for Joey at Magnus sentry Lock . He came day of my call and replaced all my locks at my new home lightening fast. Even threw in a couple extra keys for free! Very professional and honest”.

Nicole Zaker

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“I had lost my last set of keys for my Nissan Xterra. He showed up right on time. About 20 minutes later I had a car key and the remote. He took care of everything that I needed. Was quick, and very professional”. 

Renae Veka


”Wow, excellent service, I brought two filing cabinet locks to Joey and in about 10 minutes he’d made me new keys explaining how the process worked and I was very impressed”.

Brian Timoty

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