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Locked Out Of The House Locksmith Can Settle Your Worry!

Everyone has undoubtedly experienced this at some point in their lives: you approach the front door of your house or apartment and begin searching through your pockets or handbag. Your key is nowhere to be found. You notice that you’ve locked yourself out as it slowly sinks in. Locking out of your house can be a severe or minor issue. This distinction mostly depends on the weather, the time of day, and whether you are outside in front of a house, on your building’s stoop, or inside facing an apartment. Locking yourself out can even be risky if it’s later in the evening or during a chilly winter month.

The right decision without wasting your time is to call a locksmith. A professional locksmith will either provide you with a replacement key for a new lock cylinder or unlock your door, depending on your needs. If you face a lockout emergency, don’t panic and call our Magnus Sentry Lock professionals to get rid of the lockout situation. Ours locked out of the house locksmith in Elizabeth, NJ, will reach your location with all tools for your quick assistance.

Have You Been Locked Out Of Your House? What Should You Do?

Everyone experiences this at least once: after a long day, you go home only to discover that you are missing your key. Or perhaps you were briefly stepping outside when you heard the scary click of the door closing behind you and realized you had left your keys inside. There are specific methods you can attempt before calling a locksmith, though this is frequently the easiest way to get back in.

Spare Key

If you accidentally left a spare key outside. Your door will be easy for you to unlock.

Call A Friend Or Family Member

Perhaps someone else has a spare key, but you don’t. It may be a friend, a trusted neighbor, or prominent like a spouse or roommate has a spare key. You can contact your landlord if you are locked out of your flat.

Try Windows And Doors

Although you might not be able to open the front door, there might be an open window or another door. Verify all accessible openings, such as patio doors and basement windows.

Call A Locksmith

It might be necessary to call our locked out of the house locksmith if none of these fixes work for you. Our Magnus Sentry Lock offers locksmith services in Elizabeth, NJ, for any emergency lockout situation.

Broken Cam Lock – Our Service That Lets You Be Free!

Many problems can occur with your front door lock, i.e., it gets broken due to brutal force. For instance, you are playing in front of your house, and suddenly a hit of your hardball cracks your cam lock. Do not worry! Call a locksmith. A locked out of the house locksmith will install a new cam lock in the following steps:


Choosing the location for the cam lock installation is the first step for installation of a cam lock.


After choosing the cam lock installation location, a locked out of the house locksmith measures the space. This will guarantee that your lock is the appropriate size for your installation.


A locksmith will use a saw to make a hole in the door or piece of furniture where the cam lock will be installed.

Installation Of Lock Body

It’s time to put the lock body in place now. First, place the lock barrel inside the drilled hole. Afterward, screw the barrel into position.

Installation Of Cam Lock

The locking mechanism is made possible by this lock portion, which is attached to the barrel. The cam should be screwed into the barrel after being inserted.

If you have broken locks and want to install a new one at a fair price, contact our locked out of the house locksmith.


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